buying or selling businesses

Buying or Selling Businesses

Starting, buying or selling businesses can be an exciting yet complicated process. From understanding the legal and financial aspects of a transaction to finding the right buyer or seller, it is important to understand the entire process to ensure it goes smoothly. This webpage provides an overview of what is involved in the buying and selling of a business with respect to the law, discusses key players involved, explains how the process works, provides considerations when purchasing or selling a business, outlines how to value a business, explains the benefits of using lawyer services for business transactions, and covers common mistakes and how to avoid them.


What is Involved in Buying and Selling Businesses?

When buying or selling a business, various steps need to be taken. First, it involves transferring ownership of assets from one person or entity to another. While this may seem straightforward, both parties must comply with state and federal laws regarding taxes, the transfer of property rights, etc. There are also other legal issues that buyers and sellers must consider, such as intellectual property rights, contracts with employees and vendors, leases on real estate properties if applicable, and any potential liabilities which may arise after the sale of the business has been completed.


The Key Players in a Business Sale or Purchase

Three main players are involved with buying or selling businesses: buyers/sellers, their respective lawyers, and accountants or financial advisors who can help assess valuations during negotiations. Buyers want to get the best deal they can, while sellers want to maximize their profits from the transaction, so having attorneys on both sides to handle the negotiations helps protect each party’s interests during the process. Additionally, both sides should have access to accurate financial data so accountants can provide objective valuations.


How Does the Process Work?

When starting with a purchase agreement, it is important for buyers and sellers alike to read through all documents thoroughly before signing off on any terms either side presents. Generally speaking, buyers will make an offer based on their valuation estimates, which needs sellers’ approval before continuing. Once both parties have reached a final agreement, attorneys representing each side will draft all relevant paperwork, including contracts and transfer documents for any real estate properties included within the sale, and signatures will be needed.


What Should be Considered when Buying or Selling a Business?

When entering into either side of a business transaction, several key considerations should be made before proceeding, including tax implications; reviewing all legal documents involved; determining payment forms; reviewing lease agreements associated with properties being sold off; and going over employee salaries packages if necessary.


The Benefits of Using a Lawyer when Buying or Selling Businesses

Using legal services when negotiating any purchase agreement helps ensure that everything remains within legal boundaries while also helping protect the individual’s respective interests throughout the process. 


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